I’m Michael, I am a freelance sound editor and location sound recordist. I am passionate about the role sound plays in all productions, be it documentary, narrative feature and short film, or animation. I have worked on films that have been shown at major international film festivals, and have been up for various awards, including a Bafta nomination.

Starting out from keen interests in music and recording technologies, to graduating Ravensbourne University with a BA in Sound Design in 2015, I have always believed that attitude is as important as technical and creative ability. As a perfectionist, I pride myself not just on providing a balanced and competent mix, but also to enhance and compliment the visuals and score.

Location Sound

I started location sound recording at university, working on student and independent films. Since then I have moved onto working on corporate and commercial productions. Occasionally working on the odd short. Through 2018 I took long form work on larger scale films, trainee-ing on Maleficent 2, and the Fast and Furious spin-off, Hobbs and Shaw.

I own all my own equipment, and occasionally rent in more when a particular project requires it.

Audio Post-Production

I studied audio post production and sound design at university, and found a passion for the creative input and power that you have in the final sound track.


Although I now mainly work on location, I still enjoy post production just as much. From my home studio I have been working on corporate and online content. When I have time I take on independent films that I can enjoy as a creative outlet.


For any enquiries please feel free to email me via the form below or at: